Terms & Conditions

The InvestmentMap is an information technology solution which will provide data visualization and contribute to improved transparency and efficiency in public investments. InvestmentMap allows users to monitor the physical and financial progress of projects in a simple manner. The fundamental concept is the traceability of resources from the source of funding and its allocation of, to execution, monitoring and completion of projects. The greatest advantage of InvestmentMap is that citizens can track in real time where and how governments invest, while governments have access to timely and reliable information in order to make informed decisions that improve efficiency in public investment and management of public funds.

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to establish the criteria for participating on the InvestmentMap platform. When signing and/or logging into an account, the user accepts the policies that regulate the publication of comments and photographs, as well as the handling of user data.

Comments and photographs of citizens

The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) will moderate the opinions, information, comments or photographs that the users of the platform wish to incorporate into the InvestmentMap platform. The following comments and photographs are expressly forbidden:

  • Those that can be considered as a violation in any form of the fundamental rights intellectual property, privacy of third parties, anything defamatory or derogatory against an individual or organization or could be construed as a ‘hate message’;
  • Content relating to topics, issues or discussions not related or representative of the investment projects displayed in InvestmentMap;
  • Those that are not clear and in the case of the photographs those that do not have the quality conditions for adequate visualization in InvestmentMap

Comments and photographs that violate these conditions will not be published in InvestmentMap. This non-publication will be notified to the user's email.

Any information or material that users send or post through InvestmentMap will be considered as non-confidential. The reproduction of images or content that have been made available by other users without their express authorization is prohibited; the use of personal data of third parties requires the express permission to use the content and image of the owners. Any violation of these guidelines is the sole responsibility of the users and the Government of Jamaica and the IDB does not assume any responsibility.

Handling of Data

The user in order to participate is required to complete the dialogue box provided which includes the entering of an email address to which notifications will be sent. Users are also required to accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the accept button. The user will not be able to continue unless the accept button is clicked. A notification via email will be sent to the user as soon as the data and/or photograph have been uploaded. The following conditions apply:

  • The owners of the InvestmentMap Platform will not share or disclose user data, consistent with the Laws of the Jamaica. Sharing of data or photograph will only be done with the express permission of the owners of that data or photograph.
  • Registration forms that are incomplete will be rejected. All required fields must be completed before the form can be validated.
  • The moderator reserves the right to edit submissions so that the language is reader-friendly.
  • The user has the right to request via email at jpim@mof.gov.jm that the data that was uploaded when completing the form should be updated, deleted or amended with the changes submitted.

The Government of Jamaica and the IDB reserves the right to revise or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason. Registered users will be notified through the platform.