About InvestmentMap

Citizens can monitor in real time where and how governments invest.

InvestmentMap is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that seeks to improve the transparency and efficiency of public investment in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean through the development and implementation of information management platforms.

The InvestmentMap platform visualizes and maps projects of public investment in various countries in Latin American. It is a way to open data to citizens about sectors that are highly crucial such as housing, health and transportation infrastructure. Thanks to the platform, citizens can monitor in real time where and how institutions are investing. The government and its officials also have quality information available to be able to make better decisions. Additionally, companies are able to improve their competitiveness and optimize their business plans thanks to an open information environment.

The InvestmentMap initiative is inspired by its precursor in Colombia. To develop this platform, the IDB assembled a leading team of specialists in software development, experts in database management, and technicians responsible for conducting tests and measuring the quality of information, graphic designers and specialists in public management and transparency.

The development of the visualizations of the platform at the regional level counted on the technical support of the company Datawheel, which is associated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. The design was tested in practice during four days with users-type, with the objective of confirming its maximum usability and intuitiveness. The results of these tests can be downloaded here

Jamaica InvestmentMap

This platform was developed by the IDB in coordination with the Government of Jamaica . Jamaica InvestmentMap contributes to the alignment of the country with international commitments in matters of transparency.

The support of the IDB was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Bank’s Transparency Fund (AAF), whose donors include Norway, Canada, Italy, Sweden and MasterCard Corporation. For its part, Microsoft Corporation donated Microsoft Azure service credits to the IDB, which were used to develop and test the platform in the cloud.

The administration and the Rights of Usage of the platform have been subsequently transferred to the Government of Jamaica through a Licensing Agreement.

Four key steps for the development


Identification of the requirements of the Government through conducting an exercise of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and mapping of existing information.


Development of software tools and protocols for integration, standardization, improvements, and automated loading of information.


Development and implementation of social control mechanisms and citizen participation.


Training of officials in the management and maintenance of the platform.

InvestmentMap in numbers

Cost of the project:

140.000 USD (approx)

How can citizens participate on InvestmentMap?

Jamaica InvestmentMap has a mechanism for citizen participation so that users can interact with public institutions about how projects are being executed. This mechanism is included in the individual profile of each project, and provides a way to collect the level of satisfaction of each user regarding the execution of the project, ability to leave comments and upload photos that allow for enhanced monitoring of the particular project.

This mechanism was developed in conjunction with various public institutions and civil society actors in Latin America and the Caribbean, and represents a fundamental brand of the InvestmentMap initiative at the regional level, by directly connecting citizens and public institutions for greater transparency in public investment.

In the case that you cannot visualize a specific project of public investment and would like to share your concerns about it, please send an email to pimj@mof.gov.jm